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Welcome to Twice the Pixels! My little hangout to share my newly found love for pixel art ♥

On July 8th, 2023 I made my very first pixel art. A tiny 32x32 kawaii pudding, meant to serve as a pattern for my next perler bead project. I have been making perler beads for a while but never my own patterns and wanted to give it a try. Not only did I end up with a cute pattern, but a newly discovered love for making pixel art. It's ben almost three weeks later now and I've already made over a 100 different pixel arts (including recolours).

But I didn't just discover my love for pixel art, I also found out there is still a very lively and active "old web" community that makes custom (neocities) websites and still goes crazy over blinkies, toyboxes and hidden pages. And as a big 90s kid myself I couldn't resist this wave of nostalgia. And that's how we end up here, on my own Neocities website. With a ready-made-template but plans to make my own in the future.

For now however, I'm taking things a little easy! My HTML skills have never progressed past the MySpace era and are thus very rusty and limited. In the meantime however, I hope you all enjoy my pixel art as I learn more and more skills!


Joisu a.k.a. Twice The Pixels

p.s. can you find the hidden page? 👀