Please don't forget to read the rules! By continuing to use this website you agree with them ♥


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Please read the following carefully ♥

As me and the other pixel artist put a lot of time and effort into our creations, I'd like to ask you to please read through these fair use rules for a bit.

By continuining to use this website you agree to them and will be abide by them


☆ Do leave my pixel art in it's original state;

☆ Do use my pixel art for your toyboxes, adopted, pixel club and or similar pages and useages; /p>

☆ Do always save and upload the images to your own host (NO hotlinking);

☆ Do credit and link back (on the actual image!) if you use my work (;

☆ Do check out the other creators whose work is shared here;

☆ Do let me know if you use my work, I'd love to see where it ends up!


☆ Don't claim the works as your own;

☆ Don't recolour, re-shape, integrate, or otherwise change the original work;

☆ Don't direct link or hotlink any of the items on this website;

☆ Don't forget to add a link directly on the image (so not randomly in credits section);

☆ Don't post my works on generic redistribution / collecting sites such as pinterest, tumblr etc,

☆ Don't post on websites related to illegal, adult, or hate/violent content;

☆ Don't use my works in any commercial or for-profit setting;

☆ Don't not use any o the work in any AI, NFT, or othersorts similar kind of platform or system.

If in doubt, you can always contact me to ask for a clarification on these