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Twice the Pixels

aka Joisu

Hi! I'm Twice the Pixels, also known as Joisu!

My username comes from the idea of using both online pixels through my pixel art and offline "pixels" through perler beads. It is a way to combine two of my hobbies and connect with you all through it.

But pixel art isn't my only hobby, there are many more! For more than a decade now I'm also one of the biggest Japan bloggers in the Netherlands and own a Dutch, Japanse food cooking platform. So yes, I also love everything Japan related! From food to travel and Japanese popculture.

This also ties in with my other hobbies, like writing and photography, as well as watching anime (I'm a huuuuge JJK fan), casual cosplay and gaming. Anything from retro to modern, from handheld to console and pc, I play on everything! So you'll see that most of my artwork is about those topics.

I hope you'll enjoy seeing a mix of all these coming together on this platform! And if you want to see more of my work, my gaming and otaku hobbies or my daily life you can also follow me on the platforms below. I'll leave out the Dutch stuff though, that won't be relevant to most of you anyway ♥

Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | BlueSky | Dotpict | Pixilart | Redbubble


As for all my other interests? Well, let me share those with you through the age old custom of... Blinkies!

Diet Coke Girl Blinkie Ancient Internet Creature Anime Blinkie I Love Sanrio Blinkie BLM BLinkie Clutter Queen Blinkie Chocolate Dreamer Blinkie  I Like To Blog Blinkie Eat The Rich Blinkie Sailor Moon Blinkie Queers and Queens Only Blinkie I Am Well Travelled Blinkie I Dream in Pixels Blinkie Sakura Blinkie Ignorance is Bliss Blinkie Ignore Elon Musk Blinkie I Love Comments I'm A Pinkholic Blinkie Girl Power Blinkie First Born Blinkie No Place Like my Bed BLinkie Eat Shit Transphobes Tamagotchi VampireLover I Love Autumn Blinkie Be Gay Do Crime Blinkie Pixel Artist Blinkie Adults are Kids with money Blinkie Sensory Overload Abortion Rights Blinkie Hooked on Blinkies Blinkie I Wanna Go Home Blinkie Coffee Addict Blinkie Nails Done Blinkie Always Tired Blinkie I Have ADHD Blinkie Tattoed and Pierced Blinkie I Love Pugs Blinkie Glitter Blinkie Gyaru Love Blinkie Moo Blinkie Hello Kitty Blinkie Housework Gives me Hives Blinkie Lucky Charms Blinkie PC Addicat Blinkie Just Peachy Blinkie Pink! Pink! Pink! Blinkie Y2K Compliant Blinkie I Love My Computer Blinkie Been there, done that Blinkie Sitting on the Floor Blinkie Ow Ow Ow blinkie Blue Eyes Blinkie Feed The Ego Blinkie The Gold Fish Are Watching Blinkie Girl With Dollz Blinkie Gifted and Modest Blinkie Glitch Blinkie Gag me with a spoon Blinkie Another Internet Loser Blinkie Sensitive Blinkie Miku please interact Blinkie Psycho Barbie Blinkie I Pika Choose you Blinkie Best Online Buddies Im in my jammies Blinkie I Would Rather Eat Cake Blinkie I'm a wh0re Blinkie Gudetama Blinkie Gamer (self diagnosed) Blinkie It's Rat Day Babey Blinkie Fashion Blinkie Too Many Tabs Blinkie Gay Rights Blinkie Comfort Foods Blinke I Love *80s Toys Blinkie Too Kawaii To Live Blinkie I Love my Ipod Blinkie Stop Internet Censorship Blinkie Feel Violated by Corporate Blinkie Dial Up Sucks BLinkie I Lvove Japanese Food Sometimes I just want to scream Blinkie I Love Snow Blinkie Vaccinated You're Icky Blinkie Gya Gya Blinkie I Can't Dance Blinkie Curves Blinkie Cyberhottie Blinkie Delete Tiktok Blinkie Night Godess Blinkie Completely Blinkified I'm online Bitch! Blinkie Never Stop Sparkling Blinkie Bro My Neck Hurts Blinkie I Love Computer Crafts Blinkie I Love Neopets Blinkie Pigs Fly Blinkie Pretty Girl Blinkie Rainbow Scene Blinkie My Reality Check Just Bounced Blinkie Silly Blinkie Where Am I Blinkie Wild Woman Blinkie Horns n Fangs Baby FBlinkie I'll be home for christmas Blinkie Whatever Blinkie Caffeine Freak dDaddys Little Girl Blonde is Ok Blinkie This User is Timeblind Blinkie Sims Addict on Board Blinkie Kuromi Blinkie My Melody Blinkie Chihuahua Blinkie I Live In My PJs Blinkie Where are my paints Blinkie Power Puff Girls Blinkie Daddy's Little Girl Blinkie Insane and loving it blinkie My Printer Broke Blinkie Drink Umbrella Blinkie Mouse Blinkie Soft and Warm Blinkie Blinkie Hearts Blinkie Feelin' Kinda Funky Don't Rush Me Blinkie I'll Think About That Tomorrow Blinkie Made for Magic Blinkie A La Mode Blinkie Buy The Shoes Blinkie Cool Beans Blinkie BonusBlinkie